HuddleUp is Safer Email, Text, and Chat for Ministry

As a ministry leader in the 2020s, you need robust tools to lead and shepherd your people.

We built HuddleUp to make ministry communication safer, more efficient, and more engaging.

Here's how:

  • HuddleUp is safer because all messages and comments are saved and searchable by the account admins. That means you can empower group leaders, team leaders, and others to communicate with anyone in your church without worrying about inappropriate messages being sent.
  • HuddleUp is more efficient because you can unify all of your communication in one place. Send email announcements, send mass-text reminders, and host group or 1-on-1 chats in one place. Our optional mobile app keeps everything accessible on your phone, too.
  • HuddleUp is more engaging because you can sending videos, GIFs, images, and files through email or text. That's just not possible with other communication tools. Plus, your people can join the conversation through comments just like a Facebook Group post.

After you watch the video above, give HuddleUp a try free for 14 days to see how your team likes it. We think they'll love it.