Improve your ministry communication

At ServeHQ, we exist to help ministry leaders succeed in fulfilling the mission of the local church. Our job is to simply help you. That’s why we created HuddleUp.

After helping thousands of ministry leaders train tens of thousands of volunteers, we began to see that ministry leaders were really struggling to communicate effectively with their teams. So we decided to build a new kind of communication tool. A tool that would help ministry leaders to effectively communicate AND provide a place for everyone to engage with the message.

Chances are you’re already communicating with people through email and text messages but feel like there’s something missing.

Email and text messages are a great means of distribution, but they’re not great at hosting all of the content or managing replies. Think about these two questions… Do you really want to read 14 paragraphs of text in an email or text message? What about managing an inbox full of individual replies? Me either.

HuddleUp is different because it lets you send a quick video or written message, attach files, and give everyone a single place to engage with your message and one another. This is a game changer when it comes to ministry communication.