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Creating modules in TrainedUp

In TrainedUp courses, all of the training content lives inside of modules. Each course can have an unlimited number of modules.

Modules are designed to have one primary training element with the option to include text-based notes, attach files, and then add answerable questions, as well.

The module training elements include four options: video, image, embedded video, or a GIF.

Video: You can upload or record a video to the module directly. This means we host and display the video and you don’t need to use Youtube or Vimeo or any other video host.

Image: You can upload any image to use as your primary training element. This only supports image files, so Powerpoint or PDF or other static graphics won’t work.

Embedded video: You can use any shareable/embeddable video from Youtube or Vimeo for your primary training element. Make sure the video settings allow you to embed the video. Then copy the URL from the address bar for that video and paste it into the module once you’ve selected Embed Video.

GIF: GIFs are a fun way to introduce a topic or just provide a little levity to a course. Selecting our GIF option will let you search the GIPHY library of GIFs to find just the right option for your module.

Adding Notes

You can include any amount of text notes to your module. This is helpful when you need to provide extra context, links to other resources on the internet, or instructions for the learner to follow after the video training.

Attaching Files

You can attach files to your module for your learners to download. Popular uses for file attachments are PDFs of documents, Powerpoint files, additional images, audio files for listening, and more.

Adding Questions

Every module allows you to add questions that your learners can answer. These questions can be multiple choice or open answer. You’ll need to choose which type of question you plan to ask when you create the module…each module only allows one type of question per module.

For multiple choice questions, you’ll place each answer option on a new line in the answer box. You can select the correct answer by placing an asterisk (*) before the correct answer. Multiple choice questions will only be considered complete once they have been answered correctly by the learner.

Module Thumbnail

We’ve given you the ability to set your own thumbnail for each module so that the thumbnail in the list of modules on the course page looks exactly how you want it to look.

Just select to upload an image below the media section on your module. If you select no thumbnail, our system will use a simple grey placeholder.

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