Your headquarters for ministry.

Ministry is hectic. ServeHQ makes it calm with an all-in-one platform for your ministry team to connect, get trained, and stay in the loop.


Get your volunteers ready to serve with simple online training.

TrainedUp by ServeHQ helps you train volunteers and develop leaders with our easy to use online training platform featuring hundreds of ready-to-use training videos and unlimited space for your own videos. Your team can complete training at any time, from any place, on any device.


700+ Ministry Training Videos

Unlimited Custom Content

Intuitive Training Tools

Training Automation


Communicate with your team in a way that really connects.

HuddleUp is a revolutionary new way to communicate with your ministry. Think of HuddleUp like a social media post that lets you add video, text, files, and a place for people to comment. But, unlike social media, you still get to choose exactly who can see each message! Best of all, there's no extra app that someone needs to download. Your post is sent directly via SMS text or email.


Weekly Email Replacement

Safe & Secure Communication

SMS Text Replacement

Individual and Group Chat