Get rid of the chaos that comes from unconnected workflows.

Connect your favorite apps to ServeHQ with our dedicated integrations and Open API. The possibilities are endless with a little bit of magic code.


Two-way Sync with Planning Center

Our integration with Planning Center People offers a two-way data sharing option. First, it allows you to easily import people from your Planning Center account into your ServeHQ in just a few seconds to invite them to TrainedUp or HuddleUp. Second, it allows you to automatically send course completion data from TrainedUp back to each user's profile in Planning Center.

After connecting your Planning Center account to ServeHQ, you can select which people from your Planning Center lists that you would like to import. Not only that, but you can assign the newly imported people to a ministry area and/or a campus in the same workflow — saving you a ton of time and effort.


Connect any app with our Open API.

With our Open API, you can connect ServeHQ to any software that your church uses with a little help from a developer. Here are a couple of common ways that you may want to use the API:

#1: Update your Church Management System (ChMS) with who has completed a certain training course from inside of TrainedUp.

#2: Automatically add someone to your TrainedUp account and enroll them in a training track once they’ve joined a team in your volunteer scheduling tool.

The possibilities are endless!