Get your people ready for Sunday with quick online training that fits their schedule

TrainedUp helps you assimilate new members, train new volunteers, and develop leaders with our easy to use training platform featuring 800+ ready-to-use training videos, powerful progress tracking, and unlimited space for your own content.



Change the way your people get up-to-speed on critical information.

After hosting our own training and assimilation meetings and only getting 50% of people to show up, we knew that there had to be a better way. We built TrainedUp to solve this exact challenge that every church has.

Make Training Available 24/7

Let volunteers complete training at any time through online video training.

Save Loads Of Time

Create your training once and simply send out a link when a new volunteer joins your team.

Real Time Notifications

Get instant notifications when your team members complete a training course.

Automated Training

Enroll your team members in a series of courses with the click of a single button.


"Thanks to TrainedUp, it now only takes days to move people through our onboarding process, rather than weeks, or even months."

Olivia O'Connor // Charlotte Assembly


Get new volunteers ready to serve in record time with no headaches.

It can be a big job to create a training system that gets new volunteers ready to serve on day-one. We've simplified it for you with a library of engaging done-for-you training that's customizable to fit your team's unique culture.

700+ Training Videos

Access our library of 700+ videos to create training courses without reinventing the wheel.

Short And Engaging Content

Every video in our library is crafted with online training in mind. No repurposed sermons here.

Customize Everything

Mix and match videos. Add descriptions. Upload files. Ask required questions.

See What Others Are Doing

Browse our shared courses category to see how other churches are training.


"Our new volunteers all feel like they come in equipped to step into their role because they’ve been given all the information ahead of time through TrainedUp.."

Kayley Elrick // Substance Church



Build a world-class leadership organization backed by efficient and accountable training.

Whether you're following the Leadership Pipeline framework or you've created something unique, TrainedUp can be the powerhouse that drives every step of training in your leadership development plan. Not sure? Just ask Mac Lake what he uses.

Ongoing Training

Training no longer has to be one size fits all. Send different trainings to different people easily.

Easy Ministry Sorting

Create ministry areas and easily sort your people into the teams they belong to.

Expert Support

We're in ministry too and love to help. Our team is always just a click away!

Multisite Functionality

Advanced features for large churches built with the help of leading multisite churches.


"The platform is so simple. Everyone can use it. TrainedUp is a no-brainer for us as we work to develop our long term strategy of creating systems that help us to fulfill our mission."

Danny Best // Liberty Church

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