Church communication that really connects.

HuddleUp helps you communicate effectively with everyone in your church from volunteer teams to parents with an easy to use communication tool built for the modern world. Send a quick video or written message, attach files, and give everyone a single place to engage.



No one reading your messages?

You're not alone. Most ministry leaders report being frustrated when trying to communicate with people at their church. HuddleUp is different because it lets you send a quick video or written message, attach files, and give everyone a single place to engage with your message and one another. You can say goodbye to scattered and ineffective communication.

Use Video Or Text

Choose to write a message or record a short video to communicate with your team.

Discuss As A Team

No need to manage an inbox of replies. Your team can discuss in real time to your post.

Choose Who Sees What

Have something that not everyone needs to see? Easily choose who sees your post before sending.


How is HuddleUp different from what I can do with my church management system?

We’re glad you asked. Tools like Church Community Builder, Planning Center People, and others do a great job at helping you manage people, but they still use an old framework for communication that relies on email templates.

HuddleUp streamlines communication in a way that just isn't possible in any church management system. You can think of HuddleUp more like a social media post than an email. But, unlike social media, you still get to choose exactly who can see each message!

Your HuddleUp post can include a written message, a video, files, and even includes a section for everyone to comment and interact with the message. And the best part about it is that your people don’t need to download or sign up for a new tool. Your post is sent out to the people you choose via SMS text or email and all they have to do is click on the link in the post. Once they do that, they’re automatically signed in! How’s that for a super power?


Ready to try it out?

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