Church Partners & Course Templates: When it Comes to Training, More is More

Ever since I started TrainedUp, our purpose has been to empower ministry leaders to equip your people for the work of ministry. To that end, we’ve always provided flexible and powerful tools for you to create your own training.

In early 2017, we redesigned everything from scratch, adding some innovative new tools like record-from-webcam and our streamlined course creator. We also launched our library full of done-for-you video courses that you could use as-is or modify to fit your needs.

Now with almost 30,000 leaders and learners experiencing the benefits of online video training through the TrainedUp platform, we’ve decided to take things one step further.

Introducing Church Partners and Course Templates

Today we’re rolling out two new sections of our library to make it easier than ever to create and customize the training experience for your ministry. This update is all about “more”.

More library content will give you more access to more ideas and more training for more ministry areas and more people than ever before.

Let’s talk about each new section.

Church Partner Courses

Church Partners is a new section in the library that gives you access and insight into what other TrainedUp churches are doing, how they’re utilizing TrainedUp to equip their teams, how they’re designing their training, and a glimpse at their training approach.

In the Church Partners section, you’ll find raw course material from our initial church partners who’ve agreed to share their course content with other churches on the platform. These courses are raw, which means they’re not spruced up. We want you to be able to see exactly what other churches are using to win with training on TrainedUp.

What you’ll find in the Church Partners section is inspiration, giving you ideas for how you can build and grow your own training yourself. The churches represented in the Church Partner section are just like your church. They care about equipping their people, but they don’t have special knowledge or big budgets.

The churches we’ve partnered with to launch this new section are Aletheia Church, Grace Place Church, Trinity New Life Church, Summit Church, Liberty Church, Fort Caroline Baptist Church, and Waters Edge Church.

We’ll be adding more courses and partners to the Church Partners section in the coming weeks and months. If you’re interested in contributing your own courses to the Church Partners section of the library, shoot me an email directly with the subject line “Church Partner Interest”.

Course Templates

Course Templates is a new section in the library that gives you a starting point for common training topics that churches prefer to build their own training for. These templates are designed to give you a common outline for each module. All you need to do is hit record on our webcam recorder and start talking.

There are many training topics that should come from your leadership with your language and matching your unique church culture. Whether its your unique approach to small group leadership or how you talk about mission and vision, your voice is vital. Templates make it easier for you to leverage your voice to cover those topics with as little headache and planning as possible.

Like the Church Partners section, we’ll be adding more courses and topics to the Course Templates section over the coming weeks and months. If you have special request for a template, please send me an email directly with the subject line “Course Template Suggestion”.

The Future of the Library

We have tons of new content in the works for the TrainedUp Library. We’ve already started work on new, innovative training from subject matter experts. We’ll be covering topics like emergency planning and active shooter response training, advanced training for volunteers who work with children with special needs, sermon preparation training for aspiring pastors, deep dives on using children’s ministry curriculum, specialized training for youth ministry volunteers, and so…much…more!

We’re committed to continue bringing you ready-to-use or easy-to-modify training content for your ministry. This new development is just one more step of many.

As always, we are ready to help you every step of the way.  We’re all here to make you the best ministry leader and team manager you can be.

Scott Magdalein

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