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Effective Kids Ministry Communication: Keeping Volunteers in the Loop

Leading a children’s ministry is a unique experience. One might say that you live in three totally different worlds. In one space, you’re communicating timeless truths to children who have limited life experience. For example, how do you explain sin in real terms without scaring, scarring, or shaming young hearts. In the second space, you’re…

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Introducing the ServeHQ Brand and Our New Product, HuddleUp

TL;DR – We’re changing our company name and rolling out a completely new and innovative communications tool for ministry leaders. Read on for details… From the day I started building TrainedUp in 2015, my focus has been equipping ministry leaders who lead volunteer teams to serve well. Serving has been and will always be the…

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How to Develop and Sustain a Volunteer Culture

This post is a contribution from Dale Sellers, the Executive Director of 95Network. Read more about him here. As I’ve worked with churches over the years, one topic that leaders consistently struggle with is the development of a strong volunteer culture. Churches depend on volunteers. But it often feels like there’s never enough to go…

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