Announcing New Training for Worship Leaders and Volunteers in the TrainedUp Library

The TrainedUp Library is growing again! We add new training video courses every month to the TrainedUp Library and this month is no different.

Last month we announced new training for children’s ministry volunteers focused on child safety and abuse prevention. This month we’re shifting gears to bring you training in our most requested category.

New Video Training for Worship Volunteers and Leaders

We’ve wanted to provide worship training since we launched the TrainedUp Library last year. However, worship training is tough. It’s very specialized, highly specific to each church, and requires a different approach than other ministry categories.

After a lot of planning and preparation, we’ve created worship training that’s applicable across every church worship style and culture. We partnered with Josh Wicker, the Creative Arts Pastor at The District Church, to teach the basics and best-practices of worship leadership for vocalists and instrumentalists. Josh is seasoned enough to bring deep insight to this topic and tech-savvy enough to be up-to-date on the latest methods used in worship gatherings.

We also asked Don Moen, renowned worship music writer and leader, if we could incorporate some of his popular training and he graciously agreed. You can learn more about Don’s worship and training ministry on his website.

What Topics Are Covered?

All together, we’ve included 52 new worship training videos in 8 new courses. Each video includes follow-up questions for your Learners to complete so you’ll know they’ve watched AND understood the training content. The videos are all between 3 and 5 minutes long, so your Learners will stay engaged throughout every course.

Here’s a list of the new worship training courses and topics. Notice that we’ve balanced worship theory/philosophy with practical skills and instrument training. We’ve also covered biblical worship and added training for new worship leaders who are planning worship gatherings.

Course: Basic Instrument Training for Worship

  • Using an Acoustic Guitar in Worship
  • Using Lead Guitar in Worship
  • Using a Bass Guitar in Worship
  • Using Piano and Keys in Worship
  • Drumming in Worship
  • Drum Dynamics in Worship

Course: Basic Training for Worship Vocalists

  • Vocal Control
  • Vocal Practice and Warmup
  • How to Hold a Microphone
  • Building and Having Confidence on Stage

Course: Biblical Worship

  • What is worship?
  • Why Worship God Through Song
  • The Role and Responsibilities of Worship Leaders
  • Personal Preparation for Worship
  • The Expected Outcomes of Worship

Course: Leading Worship – Part 1

  • Working with a Metronome or Click Track in Worship
  • Using In-ear Monitors in Worship
  • How to Manage Accidents During Worship
  • Dedicated Time for Public Reading of Scripture During Worship
  • Working Together as a Worship Team

Course: Leading Worship – Part 2

  • Stage Presence
  • Song Transitions
  • Opening a Worship Service
  • Closing a Worship Service
  • Connecting with Your Congregation

Course: Worship Planning

  • Using Themes in Worship
  • Working with Schedules
  • Choosing Songs for Your Worship Service
  • Working with a Preacher or Pastor
  • The Rhythm or Pace of Your Worship Service
  • Choosing the Right Key for Your Worship Songs

Course: Worship Leader Workshop with Don Moen

  • God’s Pattern For Worship
  • Who’s Your Audience?
  • How Much Time Do I Have?
  • What Are Your Expectations?
  • Planning The Right Song List
  • Worship Is More Than Music
  • How To End Or Transition A Time Of Worship
  • Picking The Right Song In The Right Key
  • Don’t Finish In The Flesh What God Began In The Spirit (Part 1)
  • Don’t Finish In The Flesh What God Began In The Spirit (Part 2)
  • Be Yourself

Course: Vocal Coaching with Don Moen

  • How To Be Confident As A Singer
  • One Of The Most Important Things To Learn
  • How Singing Lessons Helped Me (Part 1)
  • How Singing Lessons Helped Me (Part 2)
  • How Singing Lessons Helped Me (Part 3)
  • How Singing Lessons Helped Me (Part 4)
  • Professional Vocal Warm-up Exercises
  • How To Launch Your Notes And Not Pinch
  • Vocal Blending Techniques
  • Be In The Moment

You can see the entire up-to-date list of our video training library on this Google Doc.

Example Worship Training Videos

Here are a few examples from this newest release. We want you to see the quality and style of these worship training videos so you can be confident that your worship team will love them.

If you can’t tell, we’re incredibly excited about this roll-out. It’s already available and included for all existing TrainedUp customers in the TrainedUp Library. Just choose the new Worship category to see all 8 courses, preview each video, and import them to your account. From there, you can share the course link with your team to get them trained up!

Not a customer yet? Getting started is simple. Click here to learn more about TrainedUp, watch a demo, and see pricing options.

Scott Magdalein

Scott is the founder of ServeHQ and has over a decade of experience as an Executive Pastor, Worship Pastor, and College Pastor. You can chat with him directly using the widget at the bottom of this page.

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