Followups Makes Next Steps in Your Church Easy

As a ministry leader in the 2020s, you need robust tools to lead and shepherd your people. Helping people take next steps in their faith is a KEY function of a pastor.

We built Followups to make it easy for pastors and church leaders to help people take next steps in their faith.

How? Followups lets you automate actions in a next step sequence based on time-delays. You have three types of automated actions.

  1. Automatically send an email or text message via HuddleUp posts.
  2. Automatically enroll someone in a training course via TrainedUp.
  3. Automatically assign a manual followup step to a staff person or lay leader.

Each Followup sequence is designed to have multiple steps that take place in the same order and on the same time-delay for each person.

Here's an example Followup sequence for a new church visitor.

  1. Day 1 - Someone visits on a Sunday morning. They submit a guest connection card with their information and a leader/volunteer adds that info to ServeHQ in the "New Guest" group. (Self-signup is also an option.)
  2. Day 1 - Send a welcome text message with a friendly video from the pastor.
  3. Day 2 - Assign a followup phone call to a staff person to call the guest and chat or leave a voicemail.
  4. Day 5 - Send an email with more info about ministries at the church.
  5. Day 6 - Send a text message inviting them to visit church again.
  6. Day 14 - Send an email with info about the church staff and history of the church.
  7. Day 20 - Send a text message with info about small groups to join.
  8. Day 21 - Assign a staff person to check if the guest has taken any other next steps like joining a group, checking a child into kids ministry, or asking for info about spiritual growth.
  9. Day 30 - Send a text message with info about ways to connect online through social media, podcast, etc.
  10. Day 45 - Send an email with a video gospel presentation from the pastor and a link to call the church or book a meeting with a minister.

You get the idea...

Followups can automate multiple touches and tasks in any next steps sequence.

After you watch the video above, give Followups a try free for 14 days to see how your team likes it. It's included in every TrainedUp, HuddleUp, and Bundle account. We think they'll love it.