Introduction to Safety and Security Training

Make Sure Your Teams Are Ready For All Potential Crisis Events

Trainer Introduction: Martin Lopez

Martin Lopez is the featured trainer for our courses on safety and security in church. Martin spent over a decade in the Navy and, upon retirement, decided to use his experiences to train church leaders.

Why You Need Training

The need for security training isn't driven by news cycles. In fact, most security issues in churches never make the news. That should concern you because the safety of the people in your church is more at-risk than you realize. Train your volunteers, not just a lay security team, to handle crisis events and other tricky situations.

Concealed Carry in the Church

Many church leaders lean on upstanding church attenders with concealed carry permits to protect their church on a Sunday morning. That's not a bad thing, but there are some things to consider if that's the route you take.

Concealed Carry in the Church: Making a Plan With Others

Having more than one person with a concealed weapon at church creates many problems in a crisis event, especially when there is an active shooter on campus. This video covers some questions you should consider when you organize your CCW holders.

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