Preparing for and Preventing Crisis Events for Children & Youth Volunteers

Equip Your Volunteers with Tools to Prevent a Crisis Event Before It Happens

Introduction To Security Training

In this video, Martin Lopez discusses the need for security training in churches and some of the unique challenges that church volunteers face.

Signs and Warnings

Most crisis events have warning signs before the tragic event takes place. Whether it's an active shooter or family conflict on campus, know what to look for before things turn ugly.

Passing Information

Know the difference between gossip and passing life-saving information that could prevent a future crisis event.

Unique Challenges for Church Volunteers

Churches are unlike any other organization. Church volunteers face challenges that office workers or school teachers don't. Martin looks at a few of those challenges and provides ways to overcome them.

Dealing with Bullies

Bullying is a primary source of anxiety and bad behavior in children and youth. A child who is bullied often becomes a bully themselves. Therefore, preventing one bully usually prevents future scary situations from arising.

Transparency with Leaders and Parents

Many times, clearly communicating potential behavior issues or escalating bad behavior can be all that's needed to prevent future crisis events. That means being transparent with both leaders in the church and parents of children or youth.

Child and Youth Check-in Procedures

Check-in procedures for child and youth ministry aren't just for smooth drop-off and pick-up. Check-in procedures should be considered with safety and security in mind.

Child and Youth Check-in Enforcement

Drop-off and pick-up can be hectic in a crowded children's or youth ministry, but strict enforcement of check-in and check-out procedures will increase the safety of every child involved in the ministry.

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