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Traits Of A Healthy Small Group

Did you know that all healthy small groups share six traits? In this training video you will learn about the six traits and how you can apply them to your small group. After finishing the video, reflect on ways that you can ensure that the traits exists in your small group.

Attributes Of A Successful Leader

Have you ever noticed that successful leaders tend to share some common attributes? The same thing is true for small group leaders. In this video you'll learn a few of the most important attributes that all small group leaders should possess. Do you see these attributes in yourself?

How To Prepare To Lead A Lesson

Preparing to lead a small group lesson is a big responsibility, but don't let that scare you. In this video you'll learn best practices for lesson preparation, including some easy to overlook items. After you finish the video, think through how you've prepared in the past. Was there anything missing?

How To Encourage Conversation

Encouraging your small group to open up and have conversations is a key part of being a great small group leader. In this video you'll learn some easy ways to get your people talking and engaging. Are you doing these things in your group?

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