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Introduction To Youth Ministry

As a student ministry volunteer you can have an impact on students for years to come. In this training video you will learn core principles for serving with students. After finishing the video, reflect on the many ways you can make a difference in a student's life.

5 Myths About Youth Volunteers

There are many misconceptions about working with students that can make the prospect seem intimidating. In this training video you will learn five myths about student ministry. Did any of these surprise you?

8 Things You Need To Know

Now that you've learned the myths about working with students, take time to learn the things that you should know about serving in student ministry. After finishing the video, think through how you've related to students in the past. Are there any new things you should implement?

Appropriate Communication

As a student ministry leader it's important to established trust and respect while establishing proper communication boundaries. In this training video you will learn tips for fostering healthy communication. After finishing the video, reflect on ways that you can ensure healthy communication exists in your relationships with students.

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