Why use HuddleUp over a Facebook Group?

HuddleUp is a revolutionary new way to communicate with your ministry. You can think of HuddleUp like a Facebook Group post that lets you add video, text, files, and a place for people to comment. But, unlike Facebook, you still get to choose exactly who can see each message! Best of all, there's no extra app that someone needs to download. Your post is sent directly via SMS text or email.


Three reasons you should choose HuddleUp over a Facebook Group.

Reason #1: HuddleUp lets you choose exactly who sees each post.

Facebook groups let you easily communicate with everyone in the group. But, they do not provide a way for you to communicate with only a subset of the people or temporarily add additional people to a message who are outside of the group. This all or nothing approach does not serve ministries well.

HuddleUp lets you choose exactly who sees each message that you send. Instead of broadcasting out every post to every person, who choose who needs to see that particular post. Maybe that’s just the people serving this week in kid’s ministry. Or maybe it’s the parents of the students in your youth group. Or possibly all of your small group leaders. No matter what the message is about you get to manage exactly who needs to see it. You can even easily organize people into sub-groups inside of HuddleUp that you can select with a single click. Need certain people to be able to create posts and others to just be able to receive? Yep, we've got that covered too!


Reason #2: HuddleUp makes it more likely that people will open and read your message.

HuddleUp gives you the option to send your post out via SMS text or email to notify people that a new message is waiting for them. SMS text has an open rate of 98% making it a great way to distribute messages to people in your church. Facebook on the other hand, is not great at making sure that people get messages.

Facebook is very opinionated on what messages and posts get shown at what time so it’s difficult to ensure that everyone sees your message. And even when they do see your message it can be difficult to find it again in the future unless they know exactly how to navigate to your Facebook group.


Reason #3: HuddleUp helps you easily add files without descending into utter despair.

Creating text based or video posts in a Facebook group is a thing of ease. Even adding funny gifs is pretty easy. But as soon as you want to add a PDF it’s the end of the world as you know it. After a couple minutes you give up, head to Dropbox, and add it as a link. Three minutes later you get the first comment that someone can’t access the PDF. You hang your head in defeat, change the file setting, and hope it works. Now you’re eating a full pepperoni pizza alone in your office in the dark.

With HuddleUp, you can attach as many files as you want to each post that you send out. There’s no need to mess with complicated permissions settings or upload the file to a separate service first. Everyone that you’ve added to the post will have instant access to the file. How’s that for easy?

Curious how it could work for your church?

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