Equip Your Entire Church With Our Expanded Library Featuring Bible And Leadership Training

At TrainedUp our mission is to invest in the local church by equipping ministry leaders to lead healthy, effective teams. To date, we’ve done this by creating the best platform available for volunteer training with our easy to use course builder and library of pre-made volunteer training videos.

Over the past few years, we’ve come to realize that training in the church isn’t just about equipping people for a specific task, but that it also requires us to develop them spiritually and as leaders.

Today, we’re excited to dramatically expand the TrainedUp video training library to include both Bible Training and Leadership Development courses. This initial release includes 24 new courses featuring over 150 videos with an additional 15 courses and 100 more videos coming in the next two weeks.

This library expansion marks an important step forward for TrainedUp and the churches that we serve. Now, whether you need to train your volunteers on specific skills, provide practical training for leaders, or offer extended Bible teaching to your entire church body, you can do it in one place with just a few clicks.

Here are some potential ways that your church can use our expanded library:

Equip Your People to Better Handle Theological Questions

Our leaders are the frontlines of our church. They greet first time guests as they enter, help your kids go deeper in their walk with God, help your youth navigate through life change, and provide pastoral care to those in their small groups.

As a pastor, you may never hear about every question someone has about their faith, but your leaders will. Instead of leaving these conversations to chance, you should seek to proactively equip your leaders to handle these questions.

After someone has completed their basic ministry area training, ask them to go deeper in their faith by completing a Bible training course. This will ensure that they are ready to answer the tough questions that they will definitely face. The video course is ready, just a click away.

Help Existing Leaders Develop Their Leadership Skills

There are so many things beyond theological and skills training that we need to learn in order to be effective leaders. Your leaders should possess self awareness, be able to communicate well, navigate through decision making, and be able to set goals for their teams.

While some people are naturally gifted in these areas, others are not. Make your team more successful by giving them the tools they need to succeed. You church as a whole will benefit from leaders who are equipped to lead well.

Our new Defining Leadership course is a great introduction for all leaders and we recommend assigning it to new leaders as part of your onboarding and early development processes.

Offer a Self-Serve Bible Training Resource for Your Whole Church

Training your congregation theologically can be tough. Everyone is at a different place. While some may be struggling with the basics of salvation, others may be contemplating what the Teleological argument means in light of a scientific breakthrough.

You can easily create a self-serve Bible training resource for your whole church with TrainedUp. By utilizing our platform’s ability to mark courses as listed or unlisted, you can add the Bible training courses from our library and mark them as listed where anyone with your church’s TrainedUp URL can access them. Now, your congregation can access the courses that they want to take whenever they want.

Curate a Private, Mini-Seminary Experience Online

With our expanded library of Bible training and skills training, you can pick-and-choose which courses to use for a private-access, online seminary just for your church. You can mark your chosen training courses as unlisted to avoid anyone being able to see and enroll in them without permission.

Since you can keep track of everyone’s learning progress, you’ll be able to monitor each person’s growth.

Between listed and unlisted courses in your TrainedUp account, you’ll be able to provide both the self-serve and the private-access training environments that help different people learn and grow best.

Provide A Simple On Ramp For New Believers

Most churches that I’ve been a part of offer some sort of new believers class for those that have recently surrendered their lives to Christ. While these can be very successful, they’re still reliant on in-person meetings which make it hard for people to attend.

By moving this training online with our New Believer’s Foundations course and Next Steps for New Believers course, you can offer this important next step to everyone instead of just those that can attend the meeting. Not only that, but you can go deeper and learn more about them individually with the accompanying questions. This allows you to minister to them more effectively on a one-on-one level.

To set this up, you can either make your course public by marking it as listed, or require that people physically sign up via your website or ChMS or on a paper form in the lobby, then add them directly to the course.

These are just a handful of potential ways that your church can use the expanded TrainedUp library. No matter what it looks like in your church, TrainedUp makes it easy for you to train your people.

Ready To Get Started?

Starting at just $49 per month, you can start equipping your entire church with volunteer, Bible, and leadership training. Every account features unlimited access to our library, the ability to train an unlimited number of learners, and the ability to record or upload your own content. You can learn more here.

Scott Magdalein

Scott is the founder of ServeHQ and has over a decade of experience as an Executive Pastor, Worship Pastor, and College Pastor. You can chat with him directly using the widget at the bottom of this page.

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