How This Growing Multi-Site Church In New York City Uses TrainedUp To Scale Their Impact

Liberty found that getting people in the same room for training was an almost impossible task. Their volunteers were just too busy with other activities to be able to drop everything they were doing to attend a meeting.

Training is one of the areas that has traditionally been tough in a church with multiple locations that are heavily volunteer driven. With a small staff team, Liberty Church relies heavily on volunteers to fill vital ministry roles to ensure that all of their locations operate smoothly.

For Danny and his team, they knew that with such an emphasis on volunteers that they needed a system that was scalable enough for fast growth, but also simple enough that every person in their church could use it.

Liberty church now relies on a flipped classroom model that enables them to train and equip their volunteers on their own schedule. Instead of relying on in-person meetings for training, they have shifted the majority of their training to be online. Then they supplement it with on-the-job training through coaching and shadowing. They’ve implemented this model across the board for their Next Steps, Kids, Connections, and Production Teams.

One of the things that Danny and his team found was that as a growing church with many moving parts, it was difficult to ensure that every new team member aligned with their church’s vision and mission. Now with eight locations, this problem has only grown. Danny says that online training through TrainedUp has solved this problem for them by giving them a scalable system that allows them to share the DNA of Liberty Church with every new volunteer while also equipping them for their ministry role.

For Liberty Church, they feel that they are just scratching the surface when it comes to online training. Danny admits that while he would never seek to fully replace people with videos (nor would we want him to!), his vision for using TrainedUp is for it to come alongside of their people and alleviate the burden associated with traditional meetings so that he and his team can focus on the relational aspects of volunteer care, training, and assimilation.

Why should you try TrainedUp? Here’s what Danny had to say:

“The platform is so simple. Everyone can use it. I had my first course up in minutes. And it’s even easier to use as a learner. If it wasn’t simple, I wouldn’t be able to scale it everywhere. It got us thinking of equipping people in new ways. We can plant churches more efficiently and effectively while communicating to our people that they matter, that we’ve been expecting them, and that we are ready to engage. TrainedUp is a no-brainer for us as we work to develop our long term strategy of creating systems that help us to fulfill our mission.”