Pastor Gift Guide for Christmas: What To Get Your Pastor

It’s Christmastime and that means many things…Advent services, meals, volunteering, and gift giving. In your planning for gifts, you’ll be considering plenty of people, but don’t forget your pastor.

Christmas is a great time to show your pastor your love and appreciation for him and the spiritual work he does for you and your family. This season, above any other, is especially difficult for pastors and a thoughtful gift is a great way let them know their work isn’t in vain.

Art Gifts for Pastors

Art is a wonderful gift for pastors. Pastors spend plenty of time in their study or office preparing sermons for you and your family. You can brighten their study space and give them a little inspiration at the same time.

18×24 Illuminated Fingerprint – Gold

A special Gold Foil edition of our God’s fingerprint® artwork. This fine art print is our highest quality edition of ‘God’s fingerprint’. Each word of Scripture is impressed with illuminating Gold Foil.

‘God’s fingerprint’ has one handwritten verse from every book of the Bible.

Trees of Faith Bundle

This bundle is easy to frame and display on your walls, coming in 4×6, 8×10 and 11×14 sizes. The bundle features 4 original artworks with watercolor illustration of trees and accompanying verse. Frame them together for a beautiful set, or give them each as individual gifts to different pastors at your church.

Fishers of Men – Matthew 4:19

This art print is a visual reminder of Jesus’ promise to make us into fishers of men.

A meaningful gift for any ‘fisher of men’ in your life, especially the pastor that challenges you to be on mission in life. Give it as a reminder to remain faithful to the Great Commission.

Travel and Retreat Gifts for Pastors

Pastors work hard and carry significant emotional and spiritual burdens on behalf of their congregation. Many times, a pastor just needs time away to reconnect with God alone or with a few trusted friends. A travel or retreat gift may be the exact thing they need.

Luxury Villa in Joshua Tree, California

Enjoy exploring the local national park and town, then relax in your peaceful, stylish, and modern home away from home.

Experience breathtaking sunsets and starry skies while relaxing in a private hot tub or pool and preparing delicious meals on the outdoor kitchen BBQ while spending time with friends and family in our spacious patio area.

Scenic Getaway in Bozeman, Montana

The perfect Montana getaway! This custom home offers 360 views of the Absaroka, Bridger and Crazy Mountain Ranges. Enjoy this secluded retreat with developed trail systems throughout the 20 acres.

Private Mountain Retreat in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Relax with the whole family at this peaceful place. Come soak in the hot tub and take in the views. Between the indoor and outdoor spaces, it is fully equipped for a serene getaway in the mountains.

Planners, Journals, and Notebooks as Gifts for Pastors

We know that pastors write a lot. They have meetings, notes, appointments, counseling sessions, ideas for sermons, things they’re learning, planning for the future, and plenty of things to do.

A planner or notebook might be exactly what your pastor needs.

The Old School Leuchtturm1917 Brand of Planners and Notebooks

Characterized by a love of the product, functional details, outstanding quality and a wide range of colors, what LEUCHTTURM1917 stands for – above all – is a clear design language, which has won many awards.

Classic and Ubiquitous Moleskine

The Moleskine notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. Today Moleskine offers an eco-system of objects which inspires imaginations and fuels creative practice, versatile tools for both everyday and extraordinary journeys: notebooks, journals, bags, luggage, apps, writing instruments and reading accessories which complement each other in form and function, becoming an integral part of our personalities.

Digital Subscriptions as Gifts for Pastors

Not all digital subscriptions are a waste of time and money. There are digital subscriptions that are better than Netflix and Hulu.

Here are a few VERY useful digital subscriptions that your pastor will love, find incredibly valuable, and actually make his job easier.

Ministry Library

Give your pastor a simple way to develop the leaders in his staff and volunteers. This tool is a library that works like an ongoing leadership workshop. It’s a done-for-you type of resource that will catapult your pastor’s leadership development efforts.

Ministry Pass

Give your pastor access to a horde of media resources for his sermons. It’s a job to create all of the media you need to bring a sermon to life…images, graphics, slides, illustrations, and videos just to name a few.


Your pastor prepares and delivers sermons every week. That’s at least 50 sermons a year. It’s probably the single biggest task each week. Make it easier for him with a subscription to Sermonary.

Scott Magdalein

Scott is the founder of ServeHQ and has over a decade of experience as an Executive Pastor, Worship Pastor, and College Pastor. You can chat with him directly using the widget at the bottom of this page.

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