How to Develop and Sustain a Volunteer Culture

This post is a contribution from Dale Sellers, the Executive Director of 95Network. Read more about him here. As I’ve worked with churches over the years, one topic that leaders consistently struggle with is the development of a strong volunteer culture. Churches depend on volunteers. But it often feels like there’s never enough to go…

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How To Give And Receive Feedback With Your Church Volunteers

This post has been adapted from episode 16 of our podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast here or read the transcript below.  Kevin Fontenot: Hey there, I’m Kevin Fontenot and I’m here with Scott Magdalein. We’re your hosts of the Thriving Ministry Teams Podcast, where we talk about all things related to church leadership, discipleship and…

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Top 8 Most Effective Church Outreach Ideas for Spring, Summer, and Fall

Churches grow when they focus on outreach. There are tons of ways to grow a ministry, but outreach initiatives have proven themselves as useful for decades. Outreach initiatives are cross-generational. Millennials and Boomers will engage in an outreach initiative…well, maybe not Gen-Xers, but that’s because the punk rock generation still has issues with institutions and…

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