TrainedUp Releases Free Security Training Videos For Churches

Jacksonville, FL – November 1, 2018 — TrainedUp, the leading church volunteer training platform, today announced that they have released 27 security training videos, free of charge, to help churches and places of worship prepare for tragedies including active shooter situations. After yet another tragic shooting that occurred in a place of worship over the weekend, TrainedUp made the decision to release their entire collection of security training videos for free in an effort to help prepare for future incidents. The company worked with Martin Lopez of Red Team Safety and Security to produce the training videos. Martin is a Navy Veteran with extensive training in security. Upon his retirement from the Navy, Martin began assisting churches and other organizations in his local community by sharing many of the practical life-saving lessons he learned from the Navy. “There’s a growing awareness regarding safety and security in the local church,” said Scott Magdalein, founder and CEO of TrainedUp. “Whether it’s abuse prevention, family conflict within the church, or tragic events that unfold in the news, church leaders are taking greater precautions than ever. We decided that we could help church leaders prepare their people for various safety risks through a simple approach to training. With just a few online video courses, church volunteers could be ready to face almost any crisis that may occur.” In early October, TrainedUp contracted with Red Team Safety and Security to produce a series of video training courses designed specifically for church volunteers in kids, youth, and greeter ministry areas. Volunteers in these areas are most likely to face the greatest challenges in the event of a crisis situation, so we wanted to equip them first. With Red Team Safety, TrainedUp produced four full video courses covering preparation, response, and aftermath of a crisis event like an active shooter on campus. These courses can each be completed in 30 minutes or less and provide an excellent orientation to basic safety procedures for church volunteers. Topics covered in the security training courses include:

  • Why crisis planning is vital
  • How to be ready for a crisis event
  • Recognizing and passing information regarding potential threats
  • Security response tactics for greeters
  • Security response tactics for children and youth volunteers
  • How to interact with police during and after a crisis event
  • What to expect in the aftermath of a crisis event

All three video courses, consisting of 27 videos in total, can be freely accessed without a login at About TrainedUp Founded in 2015, TrainedUp is the new way that pastors train their people. In the face of a rapidly changing culture, TrainedUp helps pastors train their volunteers without the need to attend physical meetings. Since inception, the company has helped thousands of pastors train over 30,000 church volunteers. Learn more at Contact: Kevin Fontenot VP of Growth]]>

Scott Magdalein

Scott is the founder of ServeHQ and has over a decade of experience as an Executive Pastor, Worship Pastor, and College Pastor. You can chat with him directly using the widget at the bottom of this page.

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