Free Church Security Training Videos

Equip Your Church Volunteers with Active Shooter Training and Awareness

We've partnered with Red Team Safety and Security to produce this training course for church leaders and volunteers. Learn about our unique approach to security training and Red Team Security's background as a security training institution.

Keeping our children and youth safe, guarding against bullying, recognizing at-risk behaviors, and communicating concerns with parents, these are all vital aspects of every family ministry. This course is meant for volunteers who work with children and youth and is designed to help you recognize and respond to potential dangerous scenarios.

Greeter volunteers are in a unique position to save lives during a crisis event. While no single person is expected to risk their lives for others, greeters can offer direction and communicate details sometimes better than anyone else. This course equips greeter volunteers with the tactics needed to be safe and help others to safety.

In a crisis event, children and youth volunteers are responsible for the safety of the minors in their care. That's why it's vital for these leaders to have the knowledge they need to run, hide, or fight. These response tactics will help them do just that.

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