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Why can’t I or another user save our answers?

Leaders over ministry areas or those with the special permissions in the system, have the capability to be enrolled in courses and submit their answers. With that being said, there are two scenarios that would prevent a user from being able to save their answers:

  1. A user cannot save answers to a course if they are the Course Leader for that course. You can check this by clicking into the course and looking at who is listed as the leader.
  2.  A user has the “Manage Other Courses” permission. This permission gives a user the ability to change or edit course information for your training site, along with being able to see the reporting for every course.

If a user would like to be a Leader over training but also would like to enroll themselves in training, we suggest the user instead has the "Create Courses" permission. With this permission, they can still lead a course but will also be able to take training.

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