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Why does it say “That email address is already in use”?

There are two reasons you would receive a “That email address is already in use” error when adding a new user into your ServeHQ account.

The email is tied to another user within your ministry

Many times family members (spouses, parents with children, grandparents, etc) will share an email with another person. With the way that TrainedUp works, training is sent directly to a user’s email and then progress is tracked through that unique email ID. Because of this, each user in the system has to have their own unique email. In a case like this, we usually suggest the user sets up an email account with a free provider like Yahoo or Gmail, or they can use a different family email not currently in use.

The user already has created a user account, but with a different ministry

We get the privilege of servicing thousands of ministries all around the world and it isn’t uncommon for a user to be part of one ministry that uses TrainedUp and then join another! If you believe this may be the case with the user you are trying to add, reach out to our support team in the chat box on the lower right hand corner of this screen and provide us with the user’s name and email address, along with your ministry name. We can get them attached to the correct ministry for you!

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