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20 Painful Reasons People Stop Volunteering in Your Ministry

By Scott Magdalein | April 16, 2019

I’ve never spoken to a ministry leader who didn’t want to do an amazing job. Everyone I’ve ever met that works in a church is motivated by a desire to serve Jesus and His church. And that’s especially true of those who lead volunteer teams in what is largely a thankless job filled with stress,…

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4 Things To Do Before A High Attendance Sunday At Church

By Kevin Fontenot | April 1, 2019

There are a few days a year that cause immense stress and incredible joy for pastors. Those days are the big holidays that coincide with the largest attendance days of the year: Easter, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. Each of these days can bring incredible highs and incredible lows for pastors. Today we’re going to give…

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Ministry Commmunication is Broken: Here’s How We’re Going to Fix It

By Scott Magdalein | March 26, 2019

One of my all-time favorite sketches on Saturday Night Live is with Kenan Thompson from 2008. In the sketch, he’s an analyst talking about the financial crisis that happened that year. via GIPHY The news anchor asks him how he’d solve the crisis. His response was, “Identify the problem, fix it. Identify another problem, fix…

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3 Massive, Unnecessary Risks Ministry Leaders Take That Could End Your Ministry

By Scott Magdalein | March 20, 2019

Ministry is not like other jobs. In other jobs, you can mess up and still keep your job. A doctor doesn’t get fired because he had an affair. A baker doesn’t have to close up shop because she didn’t background check an employee. An electrician can be a drunk and still keep his job (but…

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Introducing The TrainedUp + Planning Center Integration, Plus A New Menu

By Kevin Fontenot | March 18, 2019

We’ve had a busy few months here at ServeHQ. In February, we announced our open API, new courses, and an updated permission manager. Then, two weeks ago we announced our new company name (ServeHQ) and that we are working on a new product called HuddleUp. Today, we’re excited to announce two new aspects of TrainedUp…

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Effective Kids Ministry Communication: Keeping Volunteers in the Loop

By Scott Magdalein | March 13, 2019

Leading a children’s ministry is a unique experience. One might say that you live in three totally different worlds. In one space, you’re communicating timeless truths to children who have limited life experience. For example, how do you explain sin in real terms without scaring, scarring, or shaming young hearts. In the second space, you’re…

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Introducing the ServeHQ Brand and Our New Product, HuddleUp

By Scott Magdalein | March 4, 2019

TL;DR – We’re changing our company name and rolling out a completely new and innovative communications tool for ministry leaders. Read on for details… From the day I started building TrainedUp in 2015, my focus has been equipping ministry leaders who lead volunteer teams to serve well. Serving has been and will always be the…

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Open API, 10 New Courses, And More: TrainedUp Updates For February 2019

By Kevin Fontenot | February 7, 2019

As a team focused on serving the local church, we’ve never been okay with something being good enough. Instead, we have always sought to turn good to great. In a world where church software largely remains stagnate, our goal is to continue to innovate based on the real time feedback that we are getting from…

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Keys For Conflict Resolution In The Church

By Kevin Fontenot | January 28, 2019

Conflict will always be in our lives. It is not something that goes away as we grow older or deepen in our sanctification. Knowing that conflict will always be with us, it is important for us to learn both the primary causes of conflict as well as the ways that people typically respond to conflict.…

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3 Big PROTIPS for Leading Growing Volunteer Church Teams from Mary Ann Sibley

By Scott Magdalein | January 16, 2019

I was blessed to meet and learn from Mary Ann Sibley and Rebecca Carlisle last year. We partnered on some new training for the TrainedUp Library in the area of Guest Services and Greeters. They did a killer job on that project. While filming the new training, almost 50 videos in total, I learned a…

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4 Key Principles To Help Learn How To Grow Your Church

By Kevin Fontenot | January 15, 2019

Every pastor that I talk to wants to grow their church. When looking for advice on how to grow your church, you’ll likely find a ton of people each telling you something different to focus on. It’s overwhelming and tends to discourage you rather than encourage you. In this post, I’m going to be as…

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10 Conversations That Senior Leaders Need To Have With Church Staff This Year

By Kevin Fontenot | January 8, 2019

I love the new year. There is a natural excitement that comes with the turning of the calendar. Everyone is reflecting on the previous year and setting goals for the new year. As a goal oriented person, I get excited reading about everyone’s goals. As I wrote in a post about self reflection at the…

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8 Questions That Pastors Need To Answer Before The End Of 2018

By Kevin Fontenot | November 29, 2018

#1: What were my goals for the year? Did I hit them? Why/why not? Goals are important. Doing a post-mortem on the goals that we set is even more important. We cannot move forward if we do not set aside time to reflect on past goals. Think through some of the goals that you set…

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Church Mission Statements: 13 Diverse Examples and How to Write Your Own

By Scott Magdalein | November 21, 2018

Mission and vision are not the same. Mission is why you exist. Vision is where you’re going. Getting the two mixed up will lead to confusion for your decision-making and your people. Your vision should compel people to join and participate. The vision should paint a picture of the future you want to create. And…

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How to Develop and Sustain a Volunteer Culture

By Scott Magdalein | November 13, 2018

95Network. Read more about him here. As I’ve worked with churches over the years, one topic that leaders consistently struggle with is the development of a strong volunteer culture. Churches depend on volunteers. But it often feels like there’s never enough to go around, doesn’t it? I was the Lead Pastor in a small church…

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TrainedUp Releases Free Security Training Videos For Churches

By Kevin Fontenot | November 1, 2018

Jacksonville, FL – November 1, 2018 — TrainedUp, the leading church volunteer training platform, today announced that they have released 27 security training videos, free of charge, to help churches and places of worship prepare for tragedies including active shooter situations. After yet another tragic shooting that occurred in a place of worship over the…

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Senior Citizen Hospitalized After Church Greeter Lets Door Hit Her

By Kevin Fontenot | October 25, 2018

TrainedUp so that what happened to Ms. Martha never has to happen to anyone else.” Are you a small church pastor? Over 95% of the churches in America are under 500 people. Join us for a webinar on November 14, 2018 to learn everything you need to know about volunteer training, development, and growth as…

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Cafe Worker Burns Down Church In Slow Cooker Debacle

By Kevin Fontenot | October 25, 2018

TrainedUp to handle our training. Every volunteer will complete an online course before touching any of Ms. Agnus’ ingredients. We hope other churches will learn from our mistakes,” the Rev. said before answering a call that we can only assume was from the same FBI agent who contacted us about the gag order. Are you…

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Starting a Special Needs Ministry for Children in Your Church: Planning for it and Training Your People

By Aimee Scott | October 25, 2018

Four summers ago, while working at my church as the Director of Special Needs, I met a six-year-old boy named Judah. My first encounter with Judah started with a frantic call from our elementary classroom stating that he had escaped. He had become overstimulated by all the toys, music, and yelling that is common in…

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3 Big Lessons that Pastors Should Learn from Casey Neistat About Influence

By Scott Magdalein | October 23, 2018

It was a couple years ago when I first heard of Casey Neistat. His videos were my initiation to a whole new world of video. Before Casey, I thought YouTube was for cats. Casey had been on YouTube long before I found him. In fact, I think I found him right after he hit 5…

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